Training Tips: Balance the Bark

Part of the doggie nature is to bark, and some breeds have more to say than others. Take Souske for instance, Maltase Poodle mix (possibly more), who is the most attentive and in tune dog I have ever encountered. He has actually trained me to hear every little sound and movement now. As with all things balance is needed.

Bark training can be a very demanding and often times a discouraging mission as a pet owner. A few of the remedies I have used that have helped especially in combination are the following:

Dog Silencer- Rating 5 stars!

Ok y’all, Listen up! By the time I found this barking solution I was on my last straw (so I felt). Relatable? I had a Neighboor tell me I’m “that person” with the barking dogs! I was so embarrassed and frustrated because of all the work and energy I put into raising proper animals. We only know what we are around to hear and see with our fur babies. After trying another device (below) that did not work at all. I came across the Dog Silencer! This is an amazing device. It is diverse unlike most because you can use it indoors and outdoors. Meaning it can work wherever you go and also on neighborhood dogs that have bothersome barking. The concept is that it emits ultrasonic sound waves for a short period of time when barking is detected. Pros: I have a 10% off code for you below. It works and provides fast results. It has various features, accessories, and “pro” versions for longer distance range. My favorite features are the settings: auto, manual, range, and sound humans can hear. It comes with a remote that you can use to control when it goes off. |Tip: this is a great tool for behavioral training also such as jumping on the sofa. The mode where humans can hear when it goes off is great for testing functionality & for dogs that need extra enforcement or who are loosing their hearing (😢). Cons are the sensitivity for small areas. I have mine in a 1 bedroom condo on the lowest mode and it seems to be too sensitive to noises that go on in the house. For example, if a door closes loudly it will emit the noise. Due to this I keep mine on manual and keep the remote by me. Overall I am 100% satisfied with this device. I have not gotten any complaints from neighbors since implementing this and their barking and behavior has changed dramatically in less than a week. Good Life Ultimate Bark Coltrol (brand) also has the same concept in a collar. Since I have two dogs it was more cost effective for me to purchase this device and better for training purposes to avoid creating association to an object correcting them. This is also perfect for travel, new sounds= more barks. Worth the investment! Buy yours now & use my code below to save 10% DOGMOM10.

PetSafe Spray Collars- Rating 3.5 Stars

This is the version I have used, but it seems there are various styles out there now. The concept of this is the device spays a harmless citronella scent which dogs seem to dislike, each time they bark. Pros of this product is the learned association connected to not barking when collar is placed on the dog. The collar did reduce barking. For my boys the association to seeing the collar and having it on them even when the device was turned off promoted a calm demeanor. Cons are that the sound detecting component is pretty sensitive. Due to the placement of it, if the dogs shake or move too much it will trigger the spray. So they could be sprayed when they weren’t barking, which is where the calm demeanor kicks in. |Tip: This collar can be good for high energy dogs who need extra correction calming down. I had dropped the collars a few times and that seemed to have damaged the functionality of it so the spray began to leak and eventually stopped working. I currently still use this as a reminder for them when I leave the house- they are not 100% aware that it isn’t working so it does keep them in check!

Scam! Do not buy– Rating 0 Stars

Im not going to use much of my time or yours to warn you not to buy this device! It does not charge, it does not work, all ratings of this device on Amazon are fake 5 stars from other products. Warning!

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